LED grow light

- Mar 02, 2018-

    LED plant growth lamp is a kind of planting lamp. It takes LED (light emitting diode) as the light source. According to the growth rule of plants, we must need sunlight, and replace the sunlight with lighting to provide a lamp for plant growth and development.


   The five pillars of plant growth are temperature, moisture, nutrition, air and light, which are essential for the growth of plants. As the saying goes, what do all things grow on the sun, the haze, the cloudy and rainy days, and other bad weather? The plant growth lamp can help us to replace the sunlight to the growth and development of plants.

    However, plants and people, to exercise, need to work, but also need to rest, so use the LED lamp to fill the plant plant to control time, general recommendations for plant illumination time control between 12--16 hours, in order to give the plant set aside enough time to rest, to ensure the work efficiency of the plant to work every day.


     Effect of light quality on the growth of plants in each period is also very obvious, such as flowering plants in the flowering and fruiting period, the need for adequate light, if the red light intensity is not enough, no matter how big it is not up to the ideal effect, effect of flowering and fruit setting rate of plants.

   If according to the requirements of plants, all kinds of light in proportion to plant collocation plant growth, the effect will be completely different, can not only shorten the growth cycle of plants, but also improve the yield and quality of plants. This is also the cause of the emergence of plant lights, and the reason for the replacement of the traditional plant growth lamp by the LED plant light.