The research&development problems of led lighting

- Nov 23, 2017-

The research&development problems of led lighting

1.High heat dissipation demand

In the case of poor heat dissipation, the life of LED will be greatly reduced.

2. High initial cost

LED prices are high, although long term costs may be low, but higher initial costs reduce the LED penetration rate.

3.The color rendering needs to be strengthened

An important reason for the fluorescent lamp can not completely replace the incandescent lamp fluorescent lamp is because color poor (incandescent lamp is continuous and smooth spectrum, color close to 100, this light also has a healthy eye features; other artificial light is emission spectrum, it is difficult to replace the incandescent lamp and the sun). The color rendering of low and intermediate order LED is even lower than that of fluorescent lamps.

4.The efficiency still needs to strengthen.

LED efficiency is excellent in low luminosity, but when the power LED lamp increases, the efficiency is not so good, especially in the middle and low grade high power LED lighting, the efficiency is still not comparable to the T5 lamp tube.

5.The production error is big

The characteristics of the same batch of LED, each LED (brightness, color, bias)... There are considerable differences, and considerable costs must be allocated to various LED.

6.The development of design concept

There are two design concepts for LED lighting: one is the scene lighting put forward by PHILPS in 2008. The other is the mood lighting that was proposed in 2009 in Western europe.