What is colour temperature

- Nov 23, 2017-

What is colour temperature

The colour temperature of light source:

People use the absolute temperature and the temperature of the light is equal or close to full radiator describes the light source color (see direct observation of the human eye color light source) is also called the color temperature of the light. The color is expressed in absolute temperature K. Different color temperature will cause people in different emotional reactions,the color temperature is divided into three categories:

Warm white

The color temperature of warm shade is below 3300K. The color of warm light is similar to that of incandescent lamp, and the red light component is more. It gives warmth, health and comfort to the family, residence, dormitory, hospital, hotel and other places, or the place where the temperature is relatively low

Natural white

Also called intermediate color, its color in between. 3300k5300k warm white light and soft, make people happy and comfortable, quiet feeling, suitable for shops, hospitals, offices, hotels, restaurants, waiting rooms and other places.

Cold white

Also known as daylight color, its color temperature is more than 5300k, the light source close to natural light, has a bright feeling, so that people concentrate, suitable for office, conference room, classroom, drawing room, design room, library reading room, exhibition window and other places.