Building Lighting Lighting Industrial Park Project

- Apr 22, 2018-

   April 18 Afternoon, by the Zigong People's government hosted the "2018 well-known enterprises in Sichuan, Zigong lighting and lighting industry special investment Joint Meeting" in Chengdu Jinjiang Hotel, lighting and lighting industry from the well-known business guests more than 50 people attend the meeting. At the meeting, Zigong Lighting Lighting Industrial Park Project formally signed, the project site in Yantan High-tech Industrial Park, the total planning area of 3 square kilometers, the total investment is expected to be 10 billion yuan, will be the largest Western-scale, supporting the most complete high-end lighting lighting industrial park.

   We are honored to become one of the project lighting suppliers, the provision of lamps are: streetlights, panel lights, Solar street lamps and so on. This opportunity is their greatest recognition of us, which makes us more motivated, we will work harder in the future.