Classroom Light Source And Choice Of Lamps

- Aug 10, 2017-

1, light source
Classroom lighting recommended with good color rendering, high luminous efficiency, long life and other characteristics of the lamp, easy to meet the color, the level of illumination and energy requirements. Ordinary classroom can be used T5 straight tube fluorescent lamp, conditional LED flat lamp can be used to improve the quality of lighting, more environmentally friendly and meet the energy requirements.
2, lighting options
(1) ordinary classroom should not use unplugged direct lighting and box fluorescent lamps.
(2) require or conditional classroom can be used with a grid (grid) or with a diffuser-type lamps, the best use of LED flat lamps, light utilization is higher.
(3) has a bat light intensity distribution characteristics of light intensity distribution, generally have a larger shading angle, light output diffusion, cloth spacing, illumination uniformity, can effectively limit the glare and light curtain reflection, is conducive to improving the classroom Lighting quality and energy saving.
(4) should not be used with high brightness or full mirror control mask (such as grid, grille) class lamps, should adopt low brightness, diffuse lamps.