How To Identify The LED Stage Lights Are Good Or Bad

- Aug 10, 2017-

First, strict detection of solid crystal station LED raw materials
1. Chip: mainly for the pad contamination, chip damage, chip cutting size, chip cutting tilt and so on. Precautions: Strict control of feed inspection and discovery of problems requires supplier improvement.
2. Bracket: mainly for Θ size and C size deviation is too large, stent color rust, stent deformation and so on. Poor supply is a supplier of the problem, should inform the supplier to improve and strictly control the feed.
3. Silver plastic: mainly for the silver paste viscosity, the use of more than the time, storage conditions and thawing conditions and the actual standard does not match.
Second, reduce the adverse human factors
Operators illegal operations: For example, do not wear gloves, silver glue from the refrigerator after the thawed without direct on-line, and the operating staff do not operate by SOP, or unskilled operation of the machine will affect the quality of solid crystal.
Third, to ensure that there will be no machine bad
The main aspects of the machine for the machine part of the spare parts or mechanical structure, understanding system and other adverse effects on the quality of solid crystal. Be sure to ensure that the functions of the machine are normal.