LED Packaging Technology

- Aug 10, 2017-

LED downlight is a kind of embedded in the ceiling under the light of the lighting type lighting. LED downlight is a directional lighting, only its opposite surface can be received, the beam angle is focused, the light is more concentrated, bright and dark contrast. More prominent by the object, high luminosity, but also bring out a quiet atmosphere of the environment.
1. Expand the crystal, the arrangement of the dense chip to open a little easy to solid crystal.
2. Solid crystal, conductive / nonconductive glue at the bottom of the stent (conductive or not depending on the PN junction or left and right PN junction) and put the wafer in the holder.
3. Short baking, so that the glue does not move when the glue is cured.
4. Welded wire, with gold wire to the chip and bracket conduction.
5. Pre-test, the initial test can not light.
6. glue, with glue to the chip and bracket wrapped up.
7. long roast, so that glue curing.
8. After the test, whether the test can be bright and whether the electrical parameters of compliance.
9. Color separation, the color and voltage roughly the same product points out.
10, packaging.