Pressure Envoy High Pole Lights

- Aug 10, 2017-

High pole structure from the arch height up to the span of 1/5, or even higher. So the overall height of the same situation in the case of lower beam height can reduce the cost of the overall momentum of the spectacular, open interior space, high pole structure can make the maximum internal hot heat.
Arch of the load is different, the pressure curve of the linear shape is not the same, generally under the constant load under the pressure curve to determine; under the live load, the arch internal force may produce bending moment, then the hinge settings will affect the arch bending moment The distribution of the situation. Similar to the frame, the arches are rarely used for housing construction only if the foundation is well or both sides have a stable side-span structure. Double hinge arch more applications, in order to adapt to the weak foundation of the bearing settlement difference and arch rod deformation, the best use of static structure of the three hinge arch.
The arch is supported by the crank lever and transmits the external force to the bearing. Therefore, the hinge supports not only the vertical force but also the considerable horizontal thrust of the horizontal arch, and its resultant force lies in the tangential direction of the arch curve The Arch thrust is one of its main mechanical characteristics, vector height f smaller, the greater the thrust. A stagnant double hinge arch, the vertical or horizontal displacement of the bearing will cause internal force changes, the bearing under the action of the thrust of the requirements of more stringent. It can be seen, in order to keep the arch normal work, be sure to ensure that the bearing can withstand the thrust without displacement, so the arch thrust structure of the structure, is the arch design of the central problem.