The Basic Requirements Of Classroom Lighting

- Nov 15, 2017-

Teaching building lighting is the most important classroom lighting, the general form of teaching is divided into formal teaching and interactive teaching, formal teaching is mainly between teachers and students to communicate, that teachers watch lesson plans, observe the students, writing on the blackboard, Writing, watching the words on the blackboard, watching the teacher's presentation, etc .; the current classroom in addition to the traditional teaching area of the blackboard and student area, the teaching area in most of the use of projection and other forms, the school to daytime teaching, The effective use of natural lighting to facilitate energy conservation, therefore, classroom lighting in the most basic tasks are:
(1) to meet the students reading, writing, painting and other requirements, to ensure that the visual target level and vertical illumination requirements.
(2) to meet the requirements of face-to-face communication between students.
(3) to guide students to focus on teaching or demonstration area.
(4) lighting control to adapt to different presentation and teaching scenarios, and consider the impact of natural light.
(5) to meet the color, control glare, protect eyesight.
In addition, classroom lighting should be safe, reliable, easy maintenance and repair, and coordination with the environment.