The Commercial Usage Of Led Lighting

- Nov 23, 2017-

The commercial usage of led lighting

    With the development of social economy and the improvement of people's living standard, people's demand for commercial space is also getting higher and higher. Lighting is an important part of the store space, lighting design can attract and guide the eyes of consumers.

    Through the creation of space light environment, create attractive display space and display image, using a variety of lighting techniques to display the theme of the shop image, let people associate, arouse consumer resonance, establish emotional exchange with consumers.

1.Food store

Food store by the food placed between the desk and cabinet cabinet is divided into sales mode, lighting the different pattern is also different. Because the food itself is small in size and rich in color, its lighting intensity and color requirements are higher. A grocery store is usually made up of a counter, a cashier, a cashier and a corridor.

Recommended product configuration: counter sales area: cabinet sales area: Cashier: channel:

2.West Point shop

West Point shop to operate bread, cake based, on display on the demand for high color, emphasizing the bright color, fresh and other factors, higher requirements for lighting. In order to meet the above key factors, we also need to create a comfortable shopping environment. At the same time, the dining area derived from the West Point shop should consider the construction of function, dining and leisure atmosphere.

Recommended product configuration: exhibition area: cashier area: channel area: dining area:

3.Communications shop

The terminal mode of communication industry is divided into two categories: one is hypermarkets, the other is franchised stores, which are sold in the form of counters. Function is divided into: channel area, counter and sales area.Single brand has sales function, and it carries brand promotion and service function. It can be divided into sales area, entrance image area, experience area and after-sales service area.