The Key To Heat Dissipation Is LED Grain Packaging And Substrate Design

- Aug 10, 2017-

In addition to high-power LED, the majority of LED lamps and lanterns in order to achieve the equivalent of lighting with traditional lighting, LED grain packaging must be designed into different shapes of the array; and in order to achieve control requirements, so the best way is The LED grain package is soldered to the circuit board. As the LED lighting power and heating power ratio of about 1: 4, with the LED power difference, with the circuit board must also be different.
LED lamps on the heat has strict requirements, but also take into account the limited heat dissipation area and the insulation between the circuit, the substrate design is particularly important. Although the ceramic substrate can meet the requirements of heat and insulation at the same time, but the ceramic substrate production is very high, its own brittleness is not conducive to a large area of the array, the industry had to use insulating materials attached to aluminum or iron and other heat Layer structure, the use of pin welding, the grain package of heat directly to the heat transfer material, and even insulation materials, or anti-welding ink and other coating materials to heat the idea of material to achieve better Heat dissipation performance.